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Refurbished phones cheap-Samsung Tizen OS: Smartphones Coming in July 2013 to Combat Android Family

Samsung Tizen OS: Smartphones Coming in July 2013 to Combat Android Family-refurbished phones cheap..

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Samsung is one rare mobile manufacturer that doesn't sherk in taking challenges. That's why the South Korean giant is pretty optimistic about an upcoming OS. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC), the tech giant announced that the brand is said to adopt Tizen OS. The upcoming mobile OS is a joint venture project between Intel, Tizen foundation and Samsung.
The Linux-based OS supports touch based gestures and can be run on a smartphone, tablet and smart T.Vs. This year Firefox OS managed to get some decent hardware supporters. The buzz is that the Korean giant is believed to launch Tizen OS based handset in the mid year. The coming of big player like Samsung on the board came as a big relief for people associated with Tizen OS.

Samsung Tizen OS: Smartphones Coming in July 2013

The world's biggest mobile handset manufacturer is open to the idea of using Linux-based open OS. The manufacturer is heavily dependent on Google's Android OS and Microsoft's Windows Phone OS. Tizen OS could be beneficial for the handset manufacturer because it will open untapped markets. It is also said that the company will axe its homegrown Bada OS and will look at a possibility to merge it together. The existing Bada OS running handsets won't be updated to Tizen OS. But the possibility of backward compatibility is still an open field. In a report published in Yonhap sheds more light on the mushrooming relationship between Samsung and Tizen OS.

Bada OS can be looked as a failure. The company launched series of handsets under Wave series, but not a single handset tasted success. Call it as the rise of Android , its demise was destined. Samsung tried to fix it up, but unfortunately unable to support it. Lack of apps and thin developers on board are some of the reasons why Bada OS proved to be a no show -stopper.

Samsung has a good chance to optimally use Tizen OS. In countries like India, Nokia rules the market with its Asha series. The South Korean giant recently launched REX -Series to crush Asha series. It can be seen as a half hearted attempt to take on famed Asha series. The REX-Series uses open Java platform and it is no way treated as a substitute to Android. Samsung could take this as a step to tap lower end of the market by releasing Tizen based handset in countries like India.
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