Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Go Daddy acquires M.dot for 'mobile first' strategy-Discount-cell-phones-Refurbished-cell-phones-Used-cell-phones-New-cell-phones-Unlocked-cell-phones-cheap-cellular-phones

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The company plans to make it easier for its 11 million customers to develop mobile Web sites from their smartphones.

Go Daddy has acquired smartphone-based mobile Web site creator M.dot.
The companies announced the deal today. In a statement, Go Daddy said that its M.dot acquisition bolsters its "mobile first" strategy, which aims at connecting its 11 million customers with services across smartphones and tablets.


M.dot was founded in June by Dominik Balogh and Pavel Serbajlo. The company's application is available for mobile handsets and allows site owners to choose site templates and create a page optimized for smartphones and tablets. The application, which is available for free in Apple's App Store, is specifically designed for small businesses.
"Go Daddy is exactly the kind of technology company we wanted to join because they cater to and understand the small business customer," Balogh said today in a statement.
Go Daddy declined to provide details on the financial terms of the deal. The company did, however, say that it expects to continue to grow, and its Sunnyvale, Calif.-based offices will expand from 40 employees to 80 in the next year.

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