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discount cell phones-Galaxy S4 season is upon us as leaks and teasers keep flying in

Galaxy S4 season is upon us as leaks and teasers keep flying in-cheap cell phones online..

March 1, 2013 by Mylan Cellular

There are only two weeks to go for Samsung’s big March 14 event in New York City, but if you thought the Koreans will go for a low-key launch for its Galaxy S4, then you've another thing coming. The company’s social media machinery tweeted a picture today that makes it pretty clear the event will be for the Galaxy S4. But this time, Samsung is taking the flagship announcement to another level.

The picture tweeted by Samsung's social media wing

The company looks like it is willing to pay top dollar to show off its latest flagship. Besides an announcement for the press folks, the company is allowing the S4 celebrations to spill over onto Times Square, one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world.

Now, it’s not like Samsung has shied away from flexing their marketing muscle in the past, but picking prime advertising space in New York City will require lots and lots of money. Times Square doesn't come cheap and Samsung is pulling all the stops for this one.

The picture tweeted reads, "Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy." Judging from the "4", the latest Galaxy flagship will indeed be named Galaxy S4 (S IV, officially).

If you are looking for a quick GS4 fix, here are a couple of leaks that may satiate your appetite: Android Caotic has got their hands on a purported image of the phone, which is in line with an earlier leaked image. The new image also shows the boot screen of the flagship and there’s a 3D effect around the "Samsung Galaxy S IV GT-I9500" seen on the screen.
Alleged image of the Galaxy S4
Alleged image of the Galaxy S4

Want more? Well, Mobile Fun got their hands on some plastic cases for the new flagship. The cases, of which there are several options to choose from, hint at a more angular design as opposed to the curvier corners of the Galaxy S3. They also suggest that the camera, LED flash and the speaker grille will be in the same place as the S3, so it won’t be a total departure from design for Samsung.

Alleged Galaxy S4 cases indicate a squarer design
Alleged Galaxy S4 cases hint at a squarer design

And there’s more for the rabid S4 fans out there. Rightware's Browsermark 2.0 benchmark scores were discovered by GSMArena. The results show that GT-I9500 has a Browsermark score of 2540, which is faster than the Optimus G, the HTC One and the Xperia Z. It also says that the benchmark score is superior to 99 percent of all handsets currently available in the market, and slots the browser at the top of Rightware’s leaderboard. The browser used in the test was Mobile Google Chrome 25, which is the latest version available.
Galaxy S4 topped Browsermark 2.0 benchmark scores
Galaxy S4 topped Browsermark 2.0 benchmark scores

We will be bringing you all the benchmark scores, the specs and the review of the Galaxy S4 when has been announced. Stay tuned to this space.

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