If our first unboxing wasnt enough, here’s another unboxing video of the brand new Nokia Lumia 620 by yours truly.
Priced between the Nokia Lumia 720 and the Nokia Lumia 520, the Lumia 620 has been quite the interesting little budget Windows Phone. Still working on my review but here’s a quick unboxing to start things off!

Behold the unboxing:

(Note: If you’re reading this on our RSS feed and for some reason cant see the video, the YouTube version can be found here)

What’s in the retail box:

  • Nokia Lumia 620
  • microUSB charger
  • microUSB to USB cable
  • Wired Headset
  • Quick guide, Manual
Just like Scott mentioned in his unboxing, I have to say the dual-shot-color of the Lumia 620 is really eye-catching. It’s the first thing you notice about the 620, for sure.

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