Tuesday, March 26, 2013

cellular phone discount-beats Samsung Galaxy S IV (13 Mega Pixel) in terms of Camera Quality

cellular phone discount-beats Samsung Galaxy S IV (13 Mega Pixel) in terms of Camera Quality


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If you are thinking of buying a smartphone in the second quarter of 2013, you might be caught in a dilemma between Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One. They are both high-end products released just earlier this month and will be available worldwide starting next month.

Samsung Galaxy S IV (GS4) might have won the battle in terms of the hardware. Specwise, the GS4 just can’t lose because it has a 4+4 core processor in selected countries. It has a 13 mega pixel camera and 2600 mAh battery. However, the figures are just figures, we don’t know how it eventually comes out.

Some guy at the Samsung Unpacked 2013 took photos with the HTC One and compared it with the GS4. The result suggests that HTC One might have a better image quality than the GS4 with its 4 mega pixel camera working with its own UltraPixel imaging technology. UltraPixel is something nearing the PureView from Nokia, it fixes and improves the brightness and contrast while capturing. The imaging software certainly plays a role in improving the final picture. From the photos below, you can see the colour under the HTC One’s UltraPixel camera looks brighter under indoor environment. The low-light performance of the HTC-One surely overtake the Samsung GS4′s 13 mega pixel camera.

However, both of the photos are produced in shaky hands and we really can’t tell which is sharper. More reviews will come when these two smartphones become available.

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